Papers by members of the Team


Hilary Greaves

'Against 'the badness of death'.' To appear in Gamlund and Solberg (eds.), Saving lives from the badness of death, OUP forthcoming 2016.

'Population axiology' (introductory survey article). Commissioned by and currently under review at Philosophy Compass. Draft. (There is also a longer version available here, containing additional material that some may find useful, but that overran the Philosophy Compass word limit.)

'Moral uncertainty about population ethics.' With Toby Ord. Under review.

'Extended preferences'. With Harvey Lederman. Under review.

'Discounting and climate change: A critical survey' (survey article). Under review.

'Aggregating extended preferences.' With Harvey Lederman. Forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.

'A reconsideration of the Harsanyi-Sen-Weymark debate on utilitarianism.' Forthcoming in Utilitas.

'Antiprioritarianism'. Utilitas 27(1), 1-42.

'The social disvalue of premature deaths'. In Weighing and reasoning: Themes from the philosophy of John Broome, Oxford University Press, 2015.


Teruji Thomas

'Utilitarianism with and without expected utility.' With David McCarthy and Kalle Mikkola.


Toby Ord

'Overpopulation or Underpopulation.' In I. Goldin (ed.) Is the planet full?, (Oxford: OUP), 46–60, 2014.


Theron Pummer

'The Worseness of Nonexistence.' (forthcoming in Saving Lives from the Badness of Death, Oxford University Press 2016)

'Adding Happy People.' (Philosophers Take on the World, Oxford University Press 2016) 

'Intuitions about Large Number Cases.' (Analysis 2013)

'Spectrum Arguments and Hypersensitivity'. Draft.

'The Priority Monster.' Draft.

'Unbounded Lives.' Draft.


Simon Beard

'Using birth control to combat Zika virus could affect future generations.' The Conversation, February 19, 2016.

'If abolishing China’s one child policy leads to more children, would it be so bad?' The Conversation, December 17, 2015.